Chris is truly a ‘kid magnet’! His boundless energy, creativity, sense of humor, kindness and positive outlook on life make him an ideal role model. In a group setting, his gift for connecting with others makes each child in his care feel special.

Lynn Roussell, MS, OTR/L pediatric occupational therapist

He is really great with the kids and they absolutely LOVE him. My son, in particular really enjoys Chris’ style and emphasis on having fun and allowing the kids to feel empowered while playing. Chris has a unique way of maintaining control over the kids in his class without them knowing it. They feel like they have choices and are choosing to have fun by doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing.

I would definitely recommend Chris for any school, class, or party type event. He keeps the kids having fun and entertained while maintaining an orderly and safe environment.

Elaine H. – Palo Alto

He obviously has a lot of experience dealing with young children and feels very comfortable around kids and them around him. I’ve watched Chris interact with kids in various different settings and seen that all the kids realize that he is a lot of fun.

Both my kids love Gorilla Play Day! Chris does a great job mixing up activities for kids of all ages. His energy and enthusiasm are awesome!

Alison M. – Menlo Park

We initially met Chris when he was my kids’ gymnastics coach. My kids also attended his Burgess Park Gorilla Play Days and he recently did my son’s birthday party. He was absolutely wonderful in all three places.

Parents love Gorilla Play Day because it promotes:

  • friendships
  • teamwork
  • creativity
  • strength
  • coordination
  • confidence
  • self-esteem
  • healthy attitudes about physical activity

Kids love Gorilla Play Day because it’s awesome and fun!

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