To all my friends throughout Menlo Park,
It is with great sadness that at this time Gorilla Play Day is on an indefinite hiatus.  I have recently been hospitalized for an extended period, and may need to be again soon.  Therefore, I am unable to guarantee that I will be able to provide your kids with all the fun and games they have come to expect week after week at GPD.  I am hoping that with the course of antibiotics, and possible surgery ahead, that I will be up to snuff by early 2018, but until such time, there will be no after school programs or holiday camps.  
My most sincere gratitude and apologies to everyone who have been writing me to inquire about Gorilla Play Day.  I hope to be able to serve you and your children in the not-too-distant future!
All the best,
“Teacher Chris” Ortez 

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